The Parade hotel takes its name from the historical name of the “Platzparade” square, where it is located up to this day. In the 18-19 centuries this square was the most spacious square in Yaroslavl and hosted many military parades and reviews.

That was the heyday of Yaroslavl as a major trade and industrial centre, the era when the first Russian theatre was established in our city. That time Yaroslavl was the third city in Russia by population.

Demidov Garden

Already by the end of the 19th century Platzparade square was filled up with verdure: the fascinating Demidov Garden was laid out and named after the famous educator P.G. Demidov, the founder of the Yaroslavl Demidov Lyceum.

After the legendary deed of the “Chelyuskin” steamship's crew in 1933, the square was renamed as Chelyuskintsev square. Today it is the greenest square in Yaroslavl surrounded by the monuments of 17-18 centuries and the favourite promenade for Yaroslavl residents and guests of the city. In one of the classical style buildings situated on this square there is located our cosy Parade hotel.